Into the Deep blog tour-Lauren Gaskill

This book is so amazing and I wanted to do a separate blog post to dive deeper into it and to share some words from the author herself from the blog tour! This book will challenge you and you will learn so much about yourself and God. Develop enduring faith for the turbulent waters of […]

The Struggle is Real Bible Study-Misty Phillip

This Bible study is so good! Misty does a great job of relating to the reader by using real stories, encouraging words, Scripture and some powerful declarations. This study is down to earth and easy to follow. I would encourage anyone who had gone through or is going through a struggle to do this study […]

Even Broken Can Be Beautiful-Sarah Rieke

I loved this book so much!! I was crying and smiling at the same time. Sarah writes so beautifully about how the deepest hurt became so beautiful in her story! She incorporates different examples from Scripture and outside sources to show her perspective to the reader. She brings her husband’s suffering and conversations into the […]

Blog Guest-Amanda Bacon

I had the privilege and the honor of being on the launch team for Shiny Things. Thank you to Amanda for sharing this for the blog! “I stood outside our double-wide trailer, wearing my homemade turquoise leggings complete with stirrups. They were shimmery, fabulous, and all I ever wanted to wear.  I was seven years […]

The Art of Amen-Catherine Bird

This book is for everyone, creatives and un-creatives! I personally cannot draw stick people straight to save my life! Catherine is so good at giving the reader the right amount of stories, scripture and opportunities to unleash their creative side. It is beautifully written and will bring a needed boost to the reader’s prayer times. […]

Glorious Weakness by Alia Joy

This book is such a beautiful depiction of a messy life. We have all been in places where we wondered why our stories have to be this and not that. Alia is a gifted writer and shares everything in the book. She understands that by sharing everything in her life will lead to the healing […]