Into the Deep blog tour-Lauren Gaskill

This book is so amazing and I wanted to do a separate blog post to dive deeper into it and to share some words from the author herself from the blog tour! This book will challenge you and you will learn so much about yourself and God. Develop enduring faith for the turbulent waters of […]

Romans Study-Melissa Spolestra

This study is a great way to learn about the book of Romans. There is a the right amount of in-depth information and honest reflection. Readers will benefit and learn more about the Bible and themselves through this study. I would recommend this study to groups who are looking to start going through books of […]

Breathe Again-Niki Hardy

This is an amazing book. Niki does an amazing job in making the reader feel comfortable going through their situations with her honest and raw emotions about hers. She encourages the reader to thrive and not just survive. She also provides the reader with additional resources, including the Thriver Manifesto. This book truly represents Niki’s […]

Back Roads to Belonging-Kristen Strong

This book is a great guide and encouragement for women who are in the wilderness or trying to figure out their place. Kristen shares her stories and the stories of other women to help readers feel not so alone. I believe that every woman can find herself in one or more of these stories. I […]

Boy Mom-Monica Swanson

Wow is all I have to say! There is so much information packed into 228 pages! There are scenarios to learn from, lessons to be learned, growth to occur, situations to handle, and advice for the person who is doing life with boys. It is research-based, Bible based and experience based. This book can be […]

The Middle Matters-Lisa Jo Baker

I was so excited back in the spring when I found out that I was on the launch team for Lisa Jo Baker’s newest book. I turned 40 this year and am in the middle of many things in my life. I began an introspective look at my life in the spring. I realized just […]


I received the book, Epic from B&H to review. This book is so great for someone who is younger or has never heard of Bible stories and wants something basic to use. The illustrations are beautifully done. The stories that are told are not just the happy ones, but the ones that show how God […]