How Joyful People Think-Jamie Rasmussen

In this book, Jamie goes through Philippians 4:8. He talks about how someone’s attitude can affect how they will overcome in a situation. He breaks down each part of this verse to examine the joyful parts verses how society handles everything. I recommend this book to anyone who is looking to find joy in eachContinue reading “How Joyful People Think-Jamie Rasmussen”

When We Say Father Review-Adrian and Steve Rogers

This is a book that was written about the Lord’s Prayer out of Matthew 6. It breaks down the main seven parts of the prayer. I would recommend this book for anyone who wants to learn about and teach the Lord’s Prayer. It is easy to understand and helps the reader to learn interpretations toContinue reading “When We Say Father Review-Adrian and Steve Rogers”

Review for The Comeback Effect

“Understanding those feelings is vital to a successful guest experience. But understanding is not enough. Excellence means replacing those negative feelings.” This is one of the amazing points from the book, The Comeback Effect by Jason Young and Jonathan Malm. This book goes through why it is important for a church and its congregation toContinue reading “Review for The Comeback Effect”

Review for Imperfect Courage-Jessica Honegger

In this book, Jessica Honegger tells her story about the beginning of her company Noonday Collection. This is a beautiful story of friendship, determination and the courage that it took for everyone involved. Through reading her story, it has given me the courage I need to continue on the path I am going on. ThankContinue reading “Review for Imperfect Courage-Jessica Honegger”