Fake or Follower-Andi Andrew

This book is amazing. It is very convicting, real and raw. Andi meets the reader right where they are and challenges them to take a honest look at their faith. In 10 chapters, she tells the reader the difference between being a real follower of Jesus and someone who fakes it just to make themselvesContinue reading “Fake or Follower-Andi Andrew”

This is not something everyone knows

I know what you all are probably thinking….she’s using this to get people to read this post.  Well you are kind of right. The reason is because this is part of my story that I want to share that may help someone.  It could also cause people to use an ugh face or something ofContinue reading “This is not something everyone knows”

Guest post day-My 1st one ever!!!

Today an awesome book is releasing by my guest blogger, Jennifer Dukes Lee. It is called “It’s All Under Control.” I love this book so much and believe that it can truly help people get out of their busy to get to the best. This is an excerpt from my favorite part of this book.Continue reading “Guest post day-My 1st one ever!!!”

Think, Learn, Succeed by Dr. Caroline Leaf

I love what Dr. Leaf speaks about. She believes and proves that we can change the way our brain is wired by how we think and speak about ourselves. Also in what we allow to enter into our brain through our senses. In this well-written book, she goes into 15 different mindsets that we needContinue reading “Think, Learn, Succeed by Dr. Caroline Leaf”