Thoughts about Rom-Coms

7C2D1EA6-39D5-4DAF-9891-04739F1E6BD7I just got done watching this super cute movie on Pure Flix called Coffee Shop. It was super cute and yes, I cried. That’s what I do, especially since I have no hormones! I started to think about how differently I see these romantic movies now then even a few years ago. I don’t see them and long for something that they have. Or something that I perceive that I’m not getting from my husband. Now I can enjoy the movie, cry about it and appreciate what I truly have. Now before everything thinks everything is rainbow, unicorns and fluffy pillows, let me assure you that it’s not. That’s not real life. Real life is the man who has forgiven all of your wrongdoings even when others told him not to. Real life is the man who strips out an entire walk in closet and builds a library. He then proceeds to make that library into a quiet place to write even though he doesn’t get it and when there is already a fully functioning office in the house. Real life is the man who gets grumpy when I spend money unless it’s on him (😉). Real life is the man who doesn’t try to hold me back from traveling and being around my family and friends.

God never said our lives would be perfect, hollywood makes us feel that way. Life is hard and messy, but is also beautiful. This is our one true life. We don’t get a chance to star in 16 versions of it. We get one. Finding contentment and joy in the situation that you are in, or finding the place that brings you joy is what it’s about. Our problems don’t come to a full solution in two hours, but we can appreciate the moments and the journey along the way.

Side note: not talking about abusive situations when I say about finding joy where you are. Those are different situations altogether, which I have been in but not getting into now.

Published by Gina Fox

I have been a follower of Jesus for over 22 years. I have been through a lot of things in my life. I will be sharing the good, the bad and the redeemed! I will also be sharing my reviews of the newest books I am reading. I am a writer of 6 online articles and I believe that I am walking in the calling that He has for me!

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