The Beginner’s Bible Review

This Bible was created in 2005 to tell 93 different stories. The illustrations are beautiful and can help the child to see themselves in the characters. The writing is in large print so that the children can read it easier. The pictures take up the majority of the pages. There is also a dictionary atContinue reading “The Beginner’s Bible Review”

Brick Builders Illustrated Bible Review

This book is so cool! It has 36 different Bible stories in it that cover both the Old and New Testament. The illustrator, Antony Evans, does a great job of “brick building” pieces to tell each story. This will make it easier for kids to relate and gain understanding from the stories. Each story endsContinue reading “Brick Builders Illustrated Bible Review”

Into the Deep by Lauren Gaskill

This book is fantastic! Lauren is such a beautiful person and genuinely cares about each person she comes into contact with. This shows through her writing. She wants to make sure the reader knows that they are not alone. Her story will make you feel all the things, but most of all will bring youContinue reading “Into the Deep by Lauren Gaskill”