Brick Builders Bible Giveaway

I will be giving away this Bible on Saturday the 1st at 8p. This is a great Bible for school age children and tells over 30 Bible stories with great animation! Comment on the blog and become a subscriber to enter to win! Good luck!!!

God Over Good-Luke Norsworthy

I have hear Luke on his own podcast talk about the struggles he has had with his faith and how to process them. In this book, Luke does a good job of bringing faith around to the basics. It reminds us of how we should see God through His Word and not by what others […]

My first ever giveaway!!!

I am having my first ever giveaway! I am giving away this Beginner’s Bible. If you know of someone who has a young child or if you have one, this would be the perfect Christmas present! Comment on this blogpost to be entered into the drawing! Winner will be selected on Saturday November 24 at […]

Brick Builders Illustrated Bible Review

This book is so cool! It has 36 different Bible stories in it that cover both the Old and New Testament. The illustrator, Antony Evans, does a great job of “brick building” pieces to tell each story. This will make it easier for kids to relate and gain understanding from the stories. Each story ends […]

Into the Deep blog tour-Lauren Gaskill

This book is so amazing and I wanted to do a separate blog post to dive deeper into it and to share some words from the author herself from the blog tour! This book will challenge you and you will learn so much about yourself and God. Develop enduring faith for the turbulent waters of […]