Freedom!-Jennifer Renee Watson

I feel like Jennifer would be an amazing life coach for me! Someone who acknowledges all the crap that I have been through and then encourages me to push past to see what God is using it for. God doesn’t want us in bondage people! Not to people, our pasts or anything! Let that sink […]

2 months into 2019

2019 has been crazy so far!  Some things have been not so good, but other things have been awesome.  I have been learning so much about who I am and about what God has planned for me.  He has put me in a connect group at church, where I am now co-leading, which is something […]

Thoughts about NY

I have not really spoken up about this abortion issue in NY. Obviously I disagree with it and am devastated by this news. I needed sometime to step back and not write any angry post. Before I go on, I believe in the redemption power of Jesus. I believe that no sin is greater in […]