More for Mom-Kristin Funston and Giveaway!

This book is a great book for moms to learn how to live more fully in what God calls for them to be. I love this line, “Introvert, extrovert, ambivert, whatever “vert” you are, God enjoys when His people enjoy, help and sacrifice for one another” (pg.113). I recommend this book for every mom. ItContinue reading “More for Mom-Kristin Funston and Giveaway!”

The Struggle is Real Bible Study-Misty Phillip

This Bible study is so good! Misty does a great job of relating to the reader by using real stories, encouraging words, Scripture and some powerful declarations. This study is down to earth and easy to follow. I would encourage anyone who had gone through or is going through a struggle to do this studyContinue reading “The Struggle is Real Bible Study-Misty Phillip”