#Not Suck Review and beyond-Bianca Olthoff

This book is filled with so much wisdom, Scripture and spice. Bianca is not afraid to say it like it is, and doing it in love. She speaks to every woman, no matter the stage of life they are in. This is why I recommend it to every woman who wants to hear motivation bathedContinue reading “#Not Suck Review and beyond-Bianca Olthoff”

A Redesigned Life Review-Tracy Steel

Tracy does an excellent job weaving in how God has specifically designed each of us throughout the whole book. She does this using topics that both encourage and challenge the reader. I recommend this book to any woman who is seeking and searching for ways that she connect more of her life into God’s planContinue reading “A Redesigned Life Review-Tracy Steel”

Romans Study-Melissa Spolestra

This study is a great way to learn about the book of Romans. There is a the right amount of in-depth information and honest reflection. Readers will benefit and learn more about the Bible and themselves through this study. I would recommend this study to groups who are looking to start going through books ofContinue reading “Romans Study-Melissa Spolestra”

Breathe Again-Niki Hardy

This is an amazing book. Niki does an amazing job in making the reader feel comfortable going through their situations with her honest and raw emotions about hers. She encourages the reader to thrive and not just survive. She also provides the reader with additional resources, including the Thriver Manifesto. This book truly represents Niki’sContinue reading “Breathe Again-Niki Hardy”

Back Roads to Belonging-Kristen Strong

This book is a great guide and encouragement for women who are in the wilderness or trying to figure out their place. Kristen shares her stories and the stories of other women to help readers feel not so alone. I believe that every woman can find herself in one or more of these stories. IContinue reading “Back Roads to Belonging-Kristen Strong”

The Promise of His Presence: Why God is Always Enough

I found my situations in this book. I feel as though Glenna was reading my thoughts and feelings. Struggling with infertility while everyone else was having children made me question if God was even good or just why. Why her and not me? Why did I get not one, but 2 diseases that took awayContinue reading “The Promise of His Presence: Why God is Always Enough”