Fresh Start Bible Review

The Fresh Start Bible is a new Bible that features the New Living Translation. It is published by Gateway Publishing. I enjoyed how they put together this Bible with all of the articles, questions to encourage further study, Bible reading plans, etc. I would recommend this Bible to any new believer who is looking toContinue reading “Fresh Start Bible Review”

The Beautiful Word Coloring Bible for Girls

This Bible is one that I wish I had as a little girl. It has thick pages and wide margins. It also provides verses and separate pages that can be colored. It is in the NIV version, which makes it easier to read. The Bible is already a beautiful book, but this will help girlsContinue reading “The Beautiful Word Coloring Bible for Girls”

Take Back Your Time Review-Morgan Tyree

This book is a huge eye-opener! It forces the reader to sit down and really examine how they are using their time and if they are doing it well. I quickly realized that I’m not. Morgan has included samples of how she utilizes the concepts in her book and then gives blank space for theContinue reading “Take Back Your Time Review-Morgan Tyree”

Dear Church Vol. 1-The Beauty of the Body Review

This is pamphlet style book that goes into the topic of bridging the gap between people groups in the church.  She discusses how the body of Christ is about the whole and not just the individual. On page 42, Kai states, “Understanding we are a body keeps us from staying in a posture of better-thanContinue reading “Dear Church Vol. 1-The Beauty of the Body Review”