Transforming Your Thought Life Review-Sarah Geringer

This book is so powerful! Sarah reminds the reader why the word meditation is not a bad word in the Christian language. On page 19 she writes, “Our times of meditation are not only mental exercises; they are also an invitation to share our hearts with God as we focus on Him and cry outContinue reading “Transforming Your Thought Life Review-Sarah Geringer”

Rise of the Truth Teller Review-Ashley Abercrombie

I love this book! Ashley is a no-nonsense, raw writer who makes the reader feel like it is okay to share their story, no matter how messy. On page 19 she writes, “Real truth telling requires intimacy and vulnerability…Becoming a healthy friend in healthy relationship is a ton of work…Truth telling takes guts and gumption,Continue reading “Rise of the Truth Teller Review-Ashley Abercrombie”

Becoming Us Review-Beth and Jeff McCord

This book was created to help couples to use the Enneagram to create a thriving Gospel-centered marriage. They have in-depth discussions about each of the nine types.  The reader will learn about what type they are through taking the quiz at  Once that is complete, then they can learn more about their types andContinue reading “Becoming Us Review-Beth and Jeff McCord”

She Prays Review-Debbie Lindell

Debbie takes the reader on a 31 day journey through developing a more in-depth prayer life.  The book is divided into 4 different sections including: understanding, knowledge, trust and power.  She is very encouraging to the reader to dive in and understand what prayer is an how important it is and that it is notContinue reading “She Prays Review-Debbie Lindell”

No Better Mom For The Job Review-Becky Keife

I love this book!  Although I am not a mom, I found this book to be so helpful as an aunt to 5 boys. Becky is so honest with her feelings towards motherhood and the three boys that God gave her.  One line from her introduction will encourage the reader to keep on moving forward.Continue reading “No Better Mom For The Job Review-Becky Keife”

I’m Waiting God Bible Study-Barb Roose

This is a great study that every woman can relate to. We are always waiting on something! Barb takes the readers through the Bible stories of Hannah, Ruth, Martha and the unnamed bleeding woman. She reminds us that although things may not come to pass right away, that we need to continue to keep focusedContinue reading “I’m Waiting God Bible Study-Barb Roose”

A Complicated Heart Review-Sarah Mae

I love this book so much! Sarah is so open and vulnerable when telling the story of the relationship she had with her mother. This is Sarah’s story of dealing with the hard stuff, coming to terms with it, and the forgiveness and redemption that only God can bring. It also helps those people whoContinue reading “A Complicated Heart Review-Sarah Mae”

#Not Suck Review and beyond-Bianca Olthoff

This book is filled with so much wisdom, Scripture and spice. Bianca is not afraid to say it like it is, and doing it in love. She speaks to every woman, no matter the stage of life they are in. This is why I recommend it to every woman who wants to hear motivation bathedContinue reading “#Not Suck Review and beyond-Bianca Olthoff”

A Redesigned Life Review-Tracy Steel

Tracy does an excellent job weaving in how God has specifically designed each of us throughout the whole book. She does this using topics that both encourage and challenge the reader. I recommend this book to any woman who is seeking and searching for ways that she connect more of her life into God’s planContinue reading “A Redesigned Life Review-Tracy Steel”

Romans Study-Melissa Spolestra

This study is a great way to learn about the book of Romans. There is a the right amount of in-depth information and honest reflection. Readers will benefit and learn more about the Bible and themselves through this study. I would recommend this study to groups who are looking to start going through books ofContinue reading “Romans Study-Melissa Spolestra”