The Beautiful Word Coloring Bible for Girls

This Bible is one that I wish I had as a little girl. It has thick pages and wide margins. It also provides verses and separate pages that can be colored. It is in the NIV version, which makes it easier to read. The Bible is already a beautiful book, but this will help girlsContinue reading “The Beautiful Word Coloring Bible for Girls”

Take Back Your Time Review-Morgan Tyree

This book is a huge eye-opener! It forces the reader to sit down and really examine how they are using their time and if they are doing it well. I quickly realized that I’m not. Morgan has included samples of how she utilizes the concepts in her book and then gives blank space for theContinue reading “Take Back Your Time Review-Morgan Tyree”

Dear Church Vol. 1-The Beauty of the Body Review

This is pamphlet style book that goes into the topic of bridging the gap between people groups in the church.  She discusses how the body of Christ is about the whole and not just the individual. On page 42, Kai states, “Understanding we are a body keeps us from staying in a posture of better-thanContinue reading “Dear Church Vol. 1-The Beauty of the Body Review”

Transforming Your Thought Life Review-Sarah Geringer

This book is so powerful! Sarah reminds the reader why the word meditation is not a bad word in the Christian language. On page 19 she writes, “Our times of meditation are not only mental exercises; they are also an invitation to share our hearts with God as we focus on Him and cry outContinue reading “Transforming Your Thought Life Review-Sarah Geringer”

Rise of the Truth Teller Review-Ashley Abercrombie

I love this book! Ashley is a no-nonsense, raw writer who makes the reader feel like it is okay to share their story, no matter how messy. On page 19 she writes, “Real truth telling requires intimacy and vulnerability…Becoming a healthy friend in healthy relationship is a ton of work…Truth telling takes guts and gumption,Continue reading “Rise of the Truth Teller Review-Ashley Abercrombie”

Becoming Us Review-Beth and Jeff McCord

This book was created to help couples to use the Enneagram to create a thriving Gospel-centered marriage. They have in-depth discussions about each of the nine types.  The reader will learn about what type they are through taking the quiz at  Once that is complete, then they can learn more about their types andContinue reading “Becoming Us Review-Beth and Jeff McCord”