Instaprayer: Prayers to Share Guest Blog

I’ve been creating calendars full or prayer prompts for almost five years. I’ve designed keychain prayers, online prompts, and now (with the release of InstaPrayer: Prayers to Share) a whole book of them. But still, I think a lot of people wonder, “What exactly IS a prayer prompt, anyway?” Think of it as a prayerContinue reading “Instaprayer: Prayers to Share Guest Blog”

Guest post day-My 1st one ever!!!

Today an awesome book is releasing by my guest blogger, Jennifer Dukes Lee. It is called “It’s All Under Control.” I love this book so much and believe that it can truly help people get out of their busy to get to the best. This is an excerpt from my favorite part of this book.Continue reading “Guest post day-My 1st one ever!!!”