Quarantine Continuing to Bring the Shift

The time that I have spent basically at home have brought forth a lot of issues and things that I have been avoiding.  I usually spend my after work time with my friends, family or at my church, but right now, that is not possible.  I haven’t had this much time to sit around andContinue reading “Quarantine Continuing to Bring the Shift”

Seriously it’s almost 2019 already?!

Whenever I was younger, people used to say how fast time flies. The older I get, I realize that truer words haven’t been spoken, outside of the Bible. This year has been full of incredible highs and some stinky lows. I started off the year restarting my blog and writing online articles for the GritContinue reading “Seriously it’s almost 2019 already?!”

This is not something everyone knows

I know what you all are probably thinking….she’s using this to get people to read this post.  Well you are kind of right. The reason is because this is part of my story that I want to share that may help someone.  It could also cause people to use an ugh face or something ofContinue reading “This is not something everyone knows”