In Pursuit of Love Review

I read the book from start to finish in a matter of hours! It draws you in as you learn about Rebecca’s story. It has you praying, crying, and eventually celebrating. God has truly turned her life around. When she was at her lowest, she cried out to God and He was always there. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand the need for us to battle this issue that is affecting our cities, states and our world. It is a powerful read!

Fresh Start Bible Review

The Fresh Start Bible is a new Bible that features the New Living Translation. It is published by Gateway Publishing. I enjoyed how they put together this Bible with all of the articles, questions to encourage further study, Bible reading plans, etc. I would recommend this Bible to any new believer who is looking to begin to study the Bible in an easy to understand language. This Bible will also make a great addition to the library of people who love the NLT version.

I received this Bible from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

Your New Name Review

What a great book! I love how Esther is so honest about her story and about the struggles to learn how to walk in the name God has given her. This makes it so relatable for any of us who have had trouble walking in our names. I love what she writes on page 41, “What if we put emphasis on our new names and what God has done instead of highlighting the names of our past?” This will preach to a lot of people. I recommend this book to anyone who has struggled with accepting their true names. It will open your eyes and help you accept your assignment and who God sees when He looks at you.

Try Softer Review

I love this book! It discusses an approach to anxiety and stress that is so relevant and easy for the reader to understand. Aundi uses diagrams, questions, exercises, and personal example from her life and other people to help the reader feel as though they can truly live a life free through God. One quote that I believe will speak to everyone is, “Because no matter how hard we try, we can’t hate or shame ourselves into change” (pg. 193). I recommend this book to anyone who has been trying so hard to please everyone and to please God so that they can finally realize that they need to try softer instead.

She Laughs Review

This book is so good! I love Carolanne’s approach to subjects we have all faced at one time or another. Laughter is truly the best medicine and it does something good for our souls. “Who can reject you when you’ve been accepted into the University of Jesus through mercy and grace?” (pg.23). I mean come on, mic drop, praise hands all around!! I highly recommend this book as a great one to start the new year off with! It will definitely start you off with the right attitude to face and conquer your fears through Jesus.

“I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review.”

Jonah Study Review

This study guide covers 10 different lessons that can be gleaned from the book of Jonah. It is meant to do either on your own or with a group. Leader’s notes are included with the copy I received. This study goes through the four chapters of Jonah and also gives other stories in scripture that illustrate grace. The author does a great job of dividing each section up so that everyone will have a chance to learn and to participate.

I would recommend this book to someone who has a desire to dive deeper into the book of Jonah. It is very thorough and focuses on the story and what God was teaching us through it.

I received a copy from New Growth Press in exchange for my honest review.

The Beautiful Word Coloring Bible for Girls

This Bible is one that I wish I had as a little girl. It has thick pages and wide margins. It also provides verses and separate pages that can be colored. It is in the NIV version, which makes it easier to read. The Bible is already a beautiful book, but this will help girls want to spend more time in God’s Word and learn more verses.

I would recommend this Bible for anyone who has a young girl in their lives to encourage them to spend more time in the Word.

I received a copy of the NIV Beautiful Word Coloring Bible for Girls from Zondervan (HarperCollins Christian Publishing) for this review. This post is sponsored by Zondervan.

Fighting Battles

I know that the last million and one posts have been about books, but today is different.  This post really adheres to the reason behind the blog title, This Is Me.

We all deal with crap.  Crap that happened in our past, present crap, dog crap and otherwise.  There are days when I feel as though I am walking as the overcomer and the warrior daughter that God has created me to be, but then there are days and situations that take me back to a place that I have worked so hard to get away from.  As I sit staring out at the Atlantic Ocean during my first trip to Florida, I realize just how rough life can get.

The waves are crashing on the rocks because a storm off of the coast has stirred up them up.  The tide is high and the water is rough, but yet there is a peace in knowing and in seeing the power of God right in my face.  This has been the hardest, but also the most rewarding of years.  God has called me to trust Him in all things, but in doing that, I have had to face the struggles that still plague me.  The freaking enemy knows the exact moment when I am weak and tired and proceeds to slide the doubt, fears, and then I am right back to that teenager who doesn’t know her place.  She’s scared, hurt and doesn’t know who she can trust.  She fears being alone, yet she fears being around others.  She thinks that everyone either has an ulterior motive of will hurt her further.

As I feel these things that I haven’t felt in forever, I realize that I have not fully processed the feelings I had then.

But then, I am called back to the place I am now.  40 years old, following the calling that God has put on my life and learning how to be the woman that He created.  Learning to be healthy mind, body and soul.  So as I stand on the rocks and the water crashes in, I raise my arms up in the air and release it all to Him.  He releases the power, grace and every other gift inside of me for me to share with others.

Amen God!  Thank you for the work that needs to be done so that I can find peace, trust and rest in You

Take Back Your Time Review-Morgan Tyree

This book is a huge eye-opener! It forces the reader to sit down and really examine how they are using their time and if they are doing it well. I quickly realized that I’m not. Morgan has included samples of how she utilizes the concepts in her book and then gives blank space for the reader to complete. I believe that this book will truly help women to better understand how to use the 24 hours that are in a day. The concepts will positively affect any age of woman, that’s why I would recommend it to everyone!

One of my favorite lines of the book is: “Once you determine your purposes and priorities, you will have a better vision of what you are being called to do and the direction for how to schedule your time accordingly” (pg. 34).

Dear Church Vol. 1-The Beauty of the Body Review

This is pamphlet style book that goes into the topic of bridging the gap between people groups in the church.  She discusses how the body of Christ is about the whole and not just the individual.

On page 42, Kai states, “Understanding we are a body keeps us from staying in a posture of better-than or leading with ego.  We must see dignity and honor in every person we come in contact with. We have to confront our prejudices and inherited stereotypes that keep us from knowing people who are not like us culturally, but serve the God we serve.”

This book is a short read (only 74 pages) and will challenge the reader to look at themselves and their own beliefs.  I recommend this book for anyone who wants to discover more about diversity in their church and how they can help to encourage diversity.  I received an advanced reader copy from the author and have given my honest review.