Transforming Your Thought Life Review-Sarah Geringer

This book is so powerful! Sarah reminds the reader why the word meditation is not a bad word in the Christian language. On page 19 she writes, “Our times of meditation are not only mental exercises; they are also an invitation to share our hearts with God as we focus on Him and cry out in honesty.” She continues on the same page by reminding the reader, “When we make God’s character, laws, promises and works our focus, we engage in Christian meditation.”

At the end of each chapter, she gives the reader additional meditation verses, prayers and reflection questions to dive in deeper. I believe that this will be a powerful resource for the reader to keep going back to for reminders on how to focus, especially when times are tough. I recommend it to anyone who has or know someone who has struggles with their thought life and with keeping it focused on the wrong things.

Rise of the Truth Teller Review-Ashley Abercrombie

I love this book! Ashley is a no-nonsense, raw writer who makes the reader feel like it is okay to share their story, no matter how messy. On page 19 she writes, “Real truth telling requires intimacy and vulnerability…Becoming a healthy friend in healthy relationship is a ton of work…Truth telling takes guts and gumption, grit and grace. And our world has never needed us to buck up, buttercup, more than it does now.”

She divides the book into 3 parts: Own Your Story, Tell it Like it Is, and Live with Homy Gumption. At the end of each chapter, she gives highlights under a section called, Rise, Truth Teller. Then she encourages the reader to work on their stories with questions. She also incorporates Scripture in her writing.

I recommend this book for every woman who wants to know that their story matters. That they are not beyond the grace of God and that they will survive.

Becoming Us Review-Beth and Jeff McCord

This book was created to help couples to use the Enneagram to create a thriving Gospel-centered marriage. They have in-depth discussions about each of the nine types.  The reader will learn about what type they are through taking the quiz at  Once that is complete, then they can learn more about their types and how they can relate to their spouse and other people in their lives.  I personally used in in my small groups and found it to be so helpful.

The writers do a great job of talking about the Gospel and how the Enneagram can be used to really help people to understand exactly how God created them to be.  I would recommend this book to anyone who feels as though they don’t understand themselves and the people around them as they have been created by God.  I was given an early copy of the book by the authors.  This is my honest review.

She Prays Review-Debbie Lindell

Debbie takes the reader on a 31 day journey through developing a more in-depth prayer life.  The book is divided into 4 different sections including: understanding, knowledge, trust and power.  She is very encouraging to the reader to dive in and understand what prayer is an how important it is and that it is not something to be intimidated by or self conscious about.  I recommend this book to any woman at any age who wants to develop more of a dialogue with the One who created them.  It will increase their confidence and understanding of the person they are.  I would suggest that the reader take the book out for the whole 31 days and really take the time study the Scripture that she uses in each chapter.

I have been looking for a day by day devotional journey through prayer and this is the best one I have found so far.  Debbie is truly a gift and so is this book.

No Better Mom For The Job Review-Becky Keife

I love this book!  Although I am not a mom, I found this book to be so helpful as an aunt to 5 boys. Becky is so honest with her feelings towards motherhood and the three boys that God gave her.  One line from her introduction will encourage the reader to keep on moving forward.  It is a prayer, “God, I don’t believe You made a mistake in making me my kids’ mom.  Even on days I feel inadequate, I believe You have called me to this role and that You are willing and able to equip me to be the mom my children need.  Please walk this motherhood road with me” (pg. 17).

Becky provides the reader with one simple step to practice each day, along with a prayer.  The book is filled with Scripture and real, raw stories that everyone who has interactions with children can relate to.  I recommend this book for any mom, aunt, grandma who have questioned their why these children are in their lives and if they can make it.  Becky takes you by the hand, gives you a hug and reminds the reader that they got this!

On personal note, I absolutely love Becky!  She is a beautiful person and encourager for women at any stage in life.  She works for (in) courage and is an amazing writer.  I consider her a friend and just think that she is definitely someone to follow!

I’m Waiting God Bible Study-Barb Roose

This is a great study that every woman can relate to. We are always waiting on something! Barb takes the readers through the Bible stories of Hannah, Ruth, Martha and the unnamed bleeding woman. She reminds us that although things may not come to pass right away, that we need to continue to keep focused on God and the blessings and promises that He has given to each of us. I recommend this book to study leaders and to individuals who want to learn how to make the most of their “waiting room” times and how not to let discouragement bring us down.

Barb is a friend of mine. She has encouraged me through one of the toughest times in my marriage and has also encouraged me to follow what God is calling me to do. I am so thankful that she has chosen to share parts of her story and being in Biblical examples that have encouraged me and I know will do the same for others.

A Complicated Heart Review-Sarah Mae

I love this book so much! Sarah is so open and vulnerable when telling the story of the relationship she had with her mother. This is Sarah’s story of dealing with the hard stuff, coming to terms with it, and the forgiveness and redemption that only God can bring. It also helps those people who never got to have closure in the end. I would recommend this book to anyone who has dealt with a hard relationship, especially with their mother. One line that really hit me and I think will help others is on page 99, “Forgive your Mom for not being what she should have been.” I received an advanced reader copy from B&H Publishing and this is my honest review.

The above is the main review for this book, but since this is my blog, I can add more. If you have read my first article on the Grit and Grace site, then you know I had a difficult relationship with my mom. She has been gone for almost 7 years. We did not reconcile before she passed. I have had to bring myself to a point of forgiveness, redemption and letting God work things for His good like He promises He will do. This book and listening to Sarah’s podcast have really helped me to continue that healing and know that it is okay that everything wasn’t perfect, but that “dysfunction does not have to be your destiny or your identity.”

If you can relate to my story or to Sarah’s, get this book. You will not regret it. God can help you to work through your stuff with His Word and the testimony of someone who had gone before you.

#Not Suck Review and beyond-Bianca Olthoff

This book is filled with so much wisdom, Scripture and spice. Bianca is not afraid to say it like it is, and doing it in love. She speaks to every woman, no matter the stage of life they are in. This is why I recommend it to every woman who wants to hear motivation bathed in Scripture and who wants to see changes in their lives.

There are so many great takeaways from this book. Below is just a couple of them.

“Act boldly in the face of fear, know who you are, be hungry and humble. But most importantly, don’t be afraid to go after what you want”(pg. 163).

“Your story could be the key to unlock someone else’s prison” (pg. 211).

Above is my review of Bianca’s most recent book, How to Have Your Life Not Suck. Here’s the rest of the story. I first heard of Bianca around 2016. Then I found out she was coming to Faith Family Church in North Canton, OH. I went by myself to the event with her book in hand to have her sign. She is so sweet, approachable and real that I blurted out a real issue that I still deal with, my weight. At that time, it was the issue on the forefront of my mind. I was so self conscious that I bugged her to take multiple pics because that is how much I hated the way I looked. But when I walked away, I read what she wrote in my book. She wrote, “You are not a 37 year old obese woman! You are a CHILD OF GOD. Love you!” At first I was like, “why did I open my mouth, now that’s there forever.” But as the years have gone on and my confidence in who I am in Christ has grown, I realize just how much of a blessing these words were and continue to be. She met me where I was and called something out of me. God used her to call me forward. To look at Him and to truly believe those words. It took awhile for those words to sink into my spirit, but 3 years later, I finally feel as though I am walking in the path He has set before me with so much more to come.

So yes, I was on her launch team and yes I am doing a review, but I wanted to do all of this because of how God used her to stop worrying about what others thought of me and to walk in the calling He has placed on my life.

Thank you Bianca! And I highly recommend both of these books for every woman who wants to discover what it truly means to be a daughter of God!

A Redesigned Life Review-Tracy Steel

Tracy does an excellent job weaving in how God has specifically designed each of us throughout the whole book. She does this using topics that both encourage and challenge the reader. I recommend this book to any woman who is seeking and searching for ways that she connect more of her life into God’s plan for her life.

I love this book so much! Tracy is a friend of mine from She Found Joy, but even if we weren’t, I would want to shout about the book!! She does an excellent job of weaving in how God has specifically designed each of us throughout the whole book. She does this by using topics that both encourage and challenge the reader. These topics include: movement, emphasis, pattern, contrast, balance and space.

I recommend this book to every woman who has realized that life is not how they planned it, which is all of us. Tracy holds your hand through this book and reminds each of us to keep God as the focal point of our lives.

Romans Study-Melissa Spolestra

This study is a great way to learn about the book of Romans. There is a the right amount of in-depth information and honest reflection. Readers will benefit and learn more about the Bible and themselves through this study. I would recommend this study to groups who are looking to start going through books of the Bible or people who want to study Romans on their own.